Thursday, 10 November 2011

Parajumpers Gobi Jacket Review

Ahh, the winter season has finally arrived, with everyone hurrying to the stores to pick out their jackets, one must ask 'what jacket should I buy?'.
There are many brands of jackets out there, each with their distinct looks, warmth, brand label and price.
The brand that I will be focusing on Today is Parajumpers.

This quality brand was designed by the Ape & Partners. it drew it's inspiration from the 210th rescue squadron based in Alaska. these jackets have a very unique style, a very noticeable Yellow elastic strap is found at one side of the collars of the jacket which holds the high quality hook which mimics a parachute hook and strap. This not only looks amazing, but can be fastened with the other side of the  collar to secure the neck area in colder weather where wind might be an issue.

The Jacket itself is a very stylish fur hood bomber jacket (The Parajumpers Gobi), the fur is authentic and huge, it is removable and so is the down vest inside the jacket (essentially making it a fall/spring/winter jacket). the fabric for the shell is durable, wind and water proof, it comes in a variety of colors: Navy, Black, Grey, White, Sand, and Red. The jacket's many pockets are useful as it is fashionable. The largest of the pockets is a cargo pocket that is approximately 2/3 of the right side. (pictures will be included)

 (Large cargo pocket is wide open, many compartments inside.)

(fur, authentic Murmansk fur, Very soft and cozy)
(Logo Patch, Removable)
The down vest contains 90/10 down, very strong and very warm. Visit nearby retailers to try it on and decide if this is the jacket for you!

The price of one of these jackets is about 935 + Tax in Canada
They can be purchased at stores like Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, Due West, Style Exchange, SSense, stylebop, sporting life and any other online retailer.

Overall: Very good quality Jacket, stylish and reliable; you will not freeze with this 'masterpiece'.
I recommend anyone who wants to look different from the Canada goose flocks going around Canada.
This is definitly a level or two up from Canada goose.

Alternative brands: Moncler, Moose Knuckles, North Face, Nobis, D-squared.


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